What people on the internet say about Sifan Hassan

Love this girl. After she wins 2 golds in Tokyo, she will cement
her legacy as one of the all time greats.

Congratulations to Sifan. She is now a living legend.

Every time Hassan finishes first, you can see on replay
Klosterhalfen with a big smile while she is still running :)

I love Hassan und klosterhafen

Just super brilliant!!! Congratulations Stifan

She is a great runner and a wonderful human being.

She's an absolute legend. It'll be cool to see what she can do
and she gets some rest again. That Tokyo schedule of hers
was absolutely ridiculous.

Inspirational runner!

I love her Voice, she sounds so innocent and sweet !!

Love her humbleness and honesty. She's a legend!

Sifan Hassan is a wonderful role model for young girls.

this woman basically just said "i could've done it faster"
to her world record pace, whilst she lapped her competitors.

I love Sifan's confidence. "Successful people don't fear failure,
but understand that its necessary to learn and grow from."

Hassan is has incredible range running great times up to the
HM now. She just ran a 14:44 5K on the roads. Incredible talent,
nice person, and very pretty.

She is so cute when she speaks English. Loved everything
she said. I'm glad that she broke the record.

Amazing to watch Sifan. Congratulations for the world record

Sifan Hassan was made for running. We are behind you!

She has brilliant English also, considering her origin, her running
form is amazing and her economy is also; the fact that she does
not neglect her culture is just downright admirable.

Lovely modest lady, who's thrilled by the moment. Bravo.

What a cute girl

Sifan- don't forget You are so charming - You kills everybody
with Your smile......

You are the greatest

1500 meters. Good to see Sifan take the bronze medal so graciously,
she was hoping to win, but she knows her limits and she did her best.
Running so many heats in three different distances must take a toll.

Sifan an absolute legend ....!!! Can hear her talking all day.

She deserves every bit of her world record!! Such a hard working
dedicated athlete

What a brilliant reaction when she crossed the line! She
shocked herself "WHATTTTTTT" lol. I remember watching
her when she was young and the struggles she went
through and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow
and reach her peak. It is time for some OG Gold medals
Sifan! Go get em!

Absolutely unbelievable. Crazy as hell. Well done. Love her.

So happy for her ! What a sensation ! Thank you so much to
her ! Sifan did it.

Well deserved! She is awesome!

You are really great global champ! We love you so much our
sista! You are absolutely determined to make it history.
Yes indeed, you made it!

Congratulations to Sifan. She is now a living legend.

Beautifull lady !!!


She's in tremendous form! Great to see her break the record!

She is a tank

Absolutely amazing. Best all round runner there is.


I love her and her love for the sport is amazing


Hassan truly proved that it doesn't matter where you are when
you start all that matters is where you finish it

Hassan is one of the Greatest women athlete in long distance
Track & Field...

Hassan Legend of Athletics!

Sifan Hassan my fave athlete in this particular event 5k, a super
woman athlete..,thnx 4 this video(Olympic)

Congrat's Sifan Hasan, I'm proud of you, from Indonesia

Sifan Hassan, a name easy to pronounce, easy to remember,
it rolls off the tongue, the ideal name for a super star.

Hassan won medal in every race she participated , double
champion and a bronze medalist in 1500m. This woman is
beyond incredible.

Sifan Hassan is queen of Tokyo Olympic

Hassan didn't go to Japan to come second.

Wow, she literally had to get off the floor and go from last place
to 1st place. What a supreme athlete. Sh's going to leaving this
olympics with a few medals.

Wow she's a nice darling! Congrats Sifan!

Wow... Awesome. She deserved this world record!

Incredible run by Hassan.

What a comeback!! Hassan Just destroyed the field and made
it look easy

1) You can fall and stay on the ground
2)You can fall and end the race
3) You can fall and qualify yourself for the final
4) Or you can fall and win your heat!

Daaaamn best comeback ever

Hassan is a powerhouse! Mad respect

Congratulations to Sifan. She is now a living legend.

Hassen she's Amazing!!! Love her.

Wow Hassan amazing I'm already a fan

often you see athletes that fall and get back up have an
amazing comeback, i think it is due to adrenaline or
sthm. the body will deliver more strength than usual

waow!!! RESPECT!!! Incredible Hassan!

She is amazing.. wow wow wow

She is so cute when she speaks English. Loved everything
she said. I'm glad that she broke the record.

Hassan onbelivebl....

She's adorable! (in her remarks at the ends.)

Huge respect for this beautiful soul and sports woman.

This Olympics is getting more exciting by the day! I cannot
wait. Major congrats to Sifan!

Superhuman performance!

Very Impressive Champion.

Great run of a woman who just destroys every field this year
on almost every distance.

Man the absolute dominance from Hassan. All the Americans
in the field were chasing Olympic standards, Hassan
was showing them what to expect when you get there

Incredible athlete and well deserved Gold medal ! Congrats
to Sifan Hassan !

Sifan looking good here, sportin the big hair!

Sifan Hassan looks so beautiful when she is running

Seem's a lovely lady......

I love Sifan

Hall is a world class long distance runner and Hassan
just lapped her. OMG

and Sifan has just run faster than this twice, cant wait to
see her 10,000 metres world record, incredible

I always thought that "lapping" was a formula 1 thing, till I
saw Hassan. Go Holland Go !!! Hassan you're the TOP

Love this girl. After she wins 2 golds in Tokyo, she will
cement her legacy as one of the all time greats.

Sifan is very funny and charming in interviews

Best female all-round runner of our times.

Hassan is the greatest of all time

It blows my mind how great this girl is.

Sifan joins Genzebe Dibaba as the only runners to ever lap
an entire field of professional runners. Although Genzebe did
it three times and at 3K and 5K.

Amazing to watch Sifan. Congratulations for the world record

How does it feel to be an elite athlete
work so hard but be lapped by Hassan
Amazing athlete with a beautiful spirit

She is one of my favorite athlete since 2015/16

Her strides were beautiful

Last couple years she suddenly become really fast

Maybe the most versatile female runner ever from 800m to half
marathon she has been world class.

ver the last kilometre she was travelling 24.4 km/h. Crazy
fast and adorable.

The way she speaks. So cute.

I really thought Almaz Ayana's record would last longer since
the 10k record stood for a whole 23 years before Ayana broke
it. This is so amazing to see Hassan break Ayana's world
record.... what a wonderful performance.

Sifan is always like: "If anybody can do it, than why not me?
Why can't I be the best in history and break the record?
Why? I don't see why." ;) She just did it.

that girl!! simply fantastic. Cool

SIFO i am proud of you make historical win which never before...!

Bravo Sifan!

Wow what a athlete

My country the Netherlands I'm so proud of her this girl is
insane GO SIFAN

She totally obliterated that record. She's a true champ

Sifan not only champion winner also she has good heart too!

She is wonderful athlet


Wow beautiful, I.like u from Jamaica

Wow. She was floating


Sifan has a nice arm swing.

She will be the only runner in history to be elite at everything
from 800 to marathon.

So proud as a dutchie! She represents us well

How can you not love Sifan? She's always taking on new
challenges and pushing herself to new limits.

Sifan said she was still a bit tired from the Olympics. She
needs some competition to help push her. WR is coming
when the time is right. I can feel it!

Super timings after Olympic ,she fully not recover yet also
run last 3km solo, thats why I respect you you are super
women best human being

Too difficult to set a new record so soon after the Olympics
and with no one to race against. She's beautiful and exciting
to watch. A true competitor.

Too soon for a world record attempt after such an incredible
performance at the Olympics.

She's truly magnificent

This is the first time Ive heard Sifan talk and idk why but it just
blows my mind. So calm and almost child like yet has a drive
that is just insane! Love it!

Is she wearing an engagement ring?

Excellent interview...good tip for young athletes: even the
great Hassan feels the stress and pressure. What a fab runner!

In the presence of greatness, Sifan Hassan!

Hard work paysoff. Congrats sifan hassan.

I like her running style..big fan sifan Hassan

Sifan Thanks you are my hero

She's an absolute legend. It'll be cool to see what she can do
and she gets some rest again. That Tokyo schedule of hers
was absolutely ridiculous.

Gidey and Sifan, when I see those two I make a bow

the sky is the limit

I am looking forward to her doing a double in Tokyo. I was
not expecting her to do this well after breaking the 10K last
weekend, but she is incredible.

Man, Sifan Hassan is SUCH an incredible athlete. I love to
watch her races, looking forward to seeing her in the Olympics.

what a sweety.

She's going to be one of the all time greats in running history.
I hope she wins 2 olympic golds in Tokyo.

This must have been fun for Hassan who has enormous range.
How can you win an 800 meter race and then a few days later
set a world record in the 10000? I followed the career of Haile
Gebrselassie and he could do this too, but who else?

She is a true legend!

Did she say we are better than what we think ? I see, Sifan you
are 100 % right.

This is an athlete who finishes first after falling down. Incredible!

"We are better than what we think" nice one

Inspiration, dedication, motivation is Sifan Hassan.
Congratulations you have inspired millions. Thank you!

Great Champion. Beautiful to watch her every time. God
Bless you, Sifan. My favorite Athlete!!

Sifan is a world class competitor and mega star...I don't think
she even realizes it.

Her Olympic performance is far greater than what most people

Extraordinary strong woman.

Your performance in Tokyo olympics is just incredible.

Congrats from the sun, sea and sand island of Curaçao.
We hebben al je wedstrijden op de televisie gevolgd !

Sifan is simply the best

Sifan speaks from her heart. Beautiful person

So damn glad this happened. To see you year after year,
race after race to come in 2nd to Dibaba you finally beat
her. Congratulations Sifan!

Must love someone who is willing to do every event.
Absolute stunner!

Good inncent lady love her

I am from india u r great madam i am heart full fan of u

Her smiles killer! :p

Has such an effortless stride. Beautiful to watch.

So honest!

For really you deserve it congratulations From Ethiopia

sifan hassan.... congrat....your the best

My Role Model I wil love to meet this woman.. Before I die
one day.. Have a practice and a photo I was so emotional
watching her cry made me cry.. UNPRECEDENTED

Greetings from your home country Ethiopia. Congratulations

Great athlete. I was hoping she would move the bottle and
say 'aqua' just like Ronaldo

She's freakin' gorgeous

True beauty indeed

'We all fall down but what matters is how we get back up.'
Sifan Hassan is unreal

Every one of us should believe in almighty . There is a super
power behind her unbelievable performance. This performance
should be added to school syllabus.

Hassan is with great DETERMINATIONů awesome strength
and power

No one can defeat you to your dream. Also all of young people.
Siffan see that n be inspirated

Greatt Sifan hassan....This story only exists in the film but
the true story of a woman from the Netherlands does exist.

Hassan's closing speed was scary this season. She usually
chills in the back till the last laps. In this race she wanted to
kill them, she decided to lead from the front just to punish them.

That's how you win, no tactics, just run them into the
ground behind you. Amazing

I think no one ever expected her to win at this way!
Congratulations Legend!

I keep coming back to this video. I just love this race and the
insane amount of PB's the athletes produced. And Sifan of
course topping it off with an amazing winning strategy and
an even more amazing time. Well done all of them!

That was one of the greatest displays of running that I have ever
seen. Laura Muir did fantastic! and that Sifan is something else!

I am dutch and I really like her! Not only is she very good but
also a pleasant person, funny and cute as well.

Sifan Hassan is a wonderful sportswoman.

The male announcer calling this race is one of the best track
and field announcers of the decade.

She's my favorite to win the event. Nice interview --
I have never heard her speak before.

she so beautiful and lovable

I'd love to give her a little cuddle, So cute.

She's so gracious and sweetly feminine.

She actually made the other athletes better, by pushing
them to new heights, and records.

The Netherlands gave her peace and stability and in return
she gave them Gold Medals

Hassan controlled everything. Look how she strolls to the
start line, starts at the back then sweeps round to the front
at 200m. She could have runn2-3 seconds quicker

strange but i really like this woman

Sifan is a beautiful girl with great personality, may be that
has to do with her being from Ethiopia/Netherlands most
of the people from both countries are humble and friendly.

She's hot.

Amazing run of Sifan Hassan and to win the double 1.500m
and 10.000m, simply A M A Z I N G !!!! So deserved for Sifan!!!!

I was waiting for the reporter to say "Hassan is moving like a
tremendous machine!" - what a WOMAN! She's incredible.
Well deserved!

It's a shame there will be no Olympics this year She would
have become a household name..

what an incredible athlete

She's a beautiful person that sifan Hassan

The Making Of A Legend

She should have been chosen athlete of the year. I've watched
this race about 50 times and each time I get excited watching
Sifan Hassan. The more I review Sifan's athletic
accomplishments in 2019, the more convince I am she was
robbed of the athlete of the year award.

She just makes it look like everyone else is walking

sifan is awesome

Sifan Hassan is a beeeeeeeasssst!!!! Incredible!


This is one of the best running I have ever seen in 1500 metres.
Absolutely brilliant. Setting a great pace from the beginning
and then accelerating at the end to take a huge lead. Too much.

Well done Sifan, well done. Its your time to shine. After all
those years of placing second to Helen and Faith its your
time to be the winner. Congratulations you have earned it.

This Lady Is My Favorite

they just could not stay with Hassan. she just ran them
off their feet.....jeepers

Did you see Hassan's 6pack? Gosh.

You see 2nd and 3rd really suffering while Hassan seems so chill.

It was blistering fast from the Golden Girl Sifan. We all know she's
the best rn. The Iron Lady of women's athletics if not combined
men and women's. Prolly one of the best ever. But can we also
just applaud Faith Kipyegon? I mean boy she did run an
extraordinary race and that too coming back after having a baby.
The sound of it just gives me the chills. She definitely destroyed
all the others except Hassan. She is a legendary sportswoman.

No one will ever do this again. A mile/10K double.

I am upset that Sifan Hassan won gold in both the 10k and
1500m, a double never previously achieved by anyone,
male nor female, and yet, she did not win sportswoman
of the year. I am flabbergasted.
And she broke the mile record too. I am flummoxed.
Someone please explain.

Omg! Netherlands! Such a small country but look at their
unbelievable medal mirror! 8th place of the world.

The Netherlands scores highest ranking in JAPAN ever in medal
level with 7th place SIFAN

Amazing Sifan Hassan, worlds best!

There was no competition for Sifan in this race.

Sifan Hassan is the greatest middle distance / distance runner
of all time, male or female. Mile 4:12 WR and also 10,000 WR
for awhile. That's versatility.

Wow! Sifan leaves it all out on the track.

This lady was born to run and outrun. Class above the rest!

She is my idol,what a amazing athlete

She is so so sweet! I love her. What a fantastic role model for all athletes

She's a Beast!!!!

Wow!!! Didn't look enthusiastic before the race. Walked
sluggishly to the start line. Slow away. Then destroys
the field.

The best woman runner today at 800 M +

Either she is very very good or her competition is very very bad.

No woman in history has done what Sifan Hassan has done.
She is Amazing! Ethiopia and the Netherlands should be
proud beyond words!

Sifan! Congratulations!!!! I've watched this final various times
and still impressed! To me you're the queen of these Olympics!

Sifan showed to the world what endurance looks like!
Congratulations Sifan, I am very proud of you and inspired
to be patient and endure!

Sivan, you are the greatest athlete ever. God bless you

No women in history, this is from heaven. God bless you.

congratulations to Sifan
she is so amazing
love her so much
incredible runner

Your dedication to win a game is incredible. As a person you
seems to be a humble and down to earth. with a golden heart.
that's your another best quality as a athelete. May you love
long.Always be happy as usual.

She is a great athlete but as important humble and kind.
Love her.